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Getting up and Running with Rest-Assured

In this post we introduced REST Assured for the first time and walk you through getting up and running

Extracting a JSON Response with REST Assured

How to extract a JSON response in REST Assured and then use that response later on in your tests

Using Test Data in your REST Assured Framework

A look at one way of using JSON test data in your REST Assured tests

Parameterised Testing in REST Assured with JUnitParams

An example of how to execute parameterised testing in REST Assured using JUnit Params

Specification Re-use in REST Assured

How to use RequestSpecBuilder and ResponseSpecBuild in REST Assured - this post will show you how to make your REST Assured code more efficient

Considerations when Performance Testing Native Mobile Applications

Things to take into account when embarking on a performance testing exercise of your mobile application

REST Assured ObjectMapper Serialization with JSON and XML

How to serialize a POJO (Plain old Java Object) and send that in your API call in REST Assured

The Evolution of the Testing Pyramid

A comprehensive look at the traditional system testing pyramid, from how it originated to how it has evolved over the years

8 Reasons why Software Testing is Harder than Development

A potentially controversial article on why software testing could be considered to be harder than software development

Groovy GPath in REST Assured – Part 1: Overview of Groovy

Kicking off this seris on using Gpath in REST Assured with a brief look at the Groovy language"

Groovy GPath in REST Assured – Part 2: GPath JSON

Numerous detailed JSON examples of using Groovy GPath in REST Assured

Gating Introduction – High Level Overview of the Stress Test Tool

An introduction to the Gatling stress testing tool, including a look at some of the key features

Running Intellij traffic through Fiddler

Short post on how to capture HTTP traffic directly running in the Intellij IDE with Fiddler - a handy technique for debugging problems

Groovy GPath in REST Assured – Part 3: GPath XML

In this final post in our series on Groovy GPath in REST Assured, we look at examples with XML

REST Assured Schema Validation for JSON and XML

How to use schema validation for both JSON and XML in REST Assured

Debug Gatling Performance Test Scripts – 5 Essential Methods

A look at multiple different ways of debugging your Gatling load test scripts

Scala - The Absolute Basics - Post Series

This post is the introduction and overview to the Absolute Basics in Scala post series. Includes initial instructions for setting up your development environment

Values, Variables and Types in Scala

In this the first post on our series of the absolute basics in Scala, we look at values, variables and types - the initial building blocks to get familiar with

Expressions in Scala

Discussion on expressions, one of the fundamental building blocks in Scala. Includes a look at relational operators and loops

Functions in Scala

No doubt you will have heard of functions from other programming languages, but in this post we introduce them in Scala

Recursion in Scala

In this blog post we will explore stack and tail recursion in Scala, including examples of both methods. If you haven't seen recursion before this post should be of help to you!

Call by Name or Value in Scala

This blog post looks at calling Scala functions either by name or by value and the difference between the two methods.

Default and Named Arguments in Scala

A detailed look at specifying default arguments in Scala functions, and naming arguments when calling functions. Includes examples of when you might use these techniques

String Operations in Scala

In this final post of the series, we focus on some of the main operations used to manipulate strings in Scala. Some operations are borrowed from Java, whilst others are exclusive to Scala

Object Oriented Programming in Scala - Post Series

This post is the introduction and overview to the Object Oriented Programming in Scala post series. Covers what you can expect to learn in this series of posts

Object Oriented Basics in Scala

We set the scene and start our look at objected oriented programming in Scala by exploring some of the basics in this post.

Method Notations in Scala

In Scala there are numerous method notations and shorthand ways of writing method calls, we will look at a few of them in this post

Scala Objects

A deeper dive on objects in Scala, including how they can be used to replace the traditional "static" keyword from Java

Inheritance and Traits in Scala

See how to use inheritance and traits in Scala, including how to use constructors and access modifiers. The concept of inheritance is similar in Scala to other languages

Generics in Scala

In this post we will look at the concept of generics in Scala, and how we can use them on multiple (potentially unrelated) data types

Anonymous Classes in Scala

Follow up your learnings of inheritance and traits in Scala with an in-depth look at Anonymous Classes. Includes how the compiler instantiates anonymous classes

Covariant Generic List in Scala

Expand on the MyList application developed previously, turning it into a complete covariant generic list. This in-depth post covers a lot of ground previously seen in our journey up till now

Case Classes in Scala

Case classes are a small but very powerful feature of Scala. They are a way of defining light data structures with as little boilerplate code as possible, and with a lot of features.

Exceptions in Scala

Exceptions in Scala are inherited from the JVM, i.e. from Java. In this post, we will look at how to throw and catch exceptions, as well as defining our own custom ones

Packaging and Imports in Scala

In this the final blog post on our series of Object Oriented Programming in Scala, we take a look at how packaging and imports both work

Functional Programming in Scala - Post Series

This post is the introduction and overview to the Functional Programming in Scala post series. Covers what you can expect to learn in this series of posts

What is a Function in Scala?

In this the first post in our series on Function Programming in Scala, we take a deeper look at Functions and introduce Scala's Function Types

Anonymous Functions in Scala

We already learned about anonymous classes in a previous blog post. In this post, we learn about anonymous functions in Scala

Higher Order Functions in Scala

In this post we will look at higher order functions and curried functions in Scala. These are a critical concept for functional programming

Map, Flatmap and Filter in Scala

Map, FlatMap and Filter are used extensively in functional programming and in Scala. This post will look at all three of them, as well as foreach comprehensions

Sequences in Scala

A Sequence in Scala programming is a very general interface for data structures that has certain properties. We will explore them in this blog post

Tuples and Maps in Scala

In this blog post we will explore the relationship between Tuples and Maps, and how they can assist us with functional programming in Scala

Options in Scala

This post will explore the use of Options in Scala, and how they are used to guard against the dreaded null pointer exception that we so often see in programming

Gatling Pause Time Example Tutorial

See the various different ways that you can add pause time into your gatling scripts, making them more realistic of actual user journeys

Capture Gatling Traffic through a HTTP Proxy

How to capture your Gatling load testing traffic through a HTTP proxy, for assistance in troubleshooting and debugging your scripts

Develop Gatling scripts using VS Code

Learn how to develop and run Gatling scripts through the Visual Studio Code IDE, with both Maven and the Scala Build Tool

Goal & Objective Setting for a QA Performance Review / Appraisal

Some ideas and considerations for goal and objective setting tailored for a Quality Assurance Engineer

Load Testing with Gatling - The Complete Guide

This post is a complete guide to load testing with Gatling, from installation and configuration to writing and executing your first tests

Book Review - Make it Stick

My review of the ebook Make it Stick by Charles Miller - How to write tweets that are impossible to ignore.

Running Gatling through Gradle – Complete Beginner’s Guide

Learn how to run Gatling through the Gradle build tool in this detailed blog post