Book Review - Make it Stick

This post is an honest and unbiased review of the book Make it Stick. For complete transparency - the links in this post are affiliate links. If you purchase the book I will get a small commission - with no extra charge to you.

Twitter is the BEST Social Media platform

Although my Twitter account is over 10 years old, I only recently came to realise the power and potential of the platform.

If you want to build a following around anything to do with:

  • Software Engineering
  • Mindset
  • Health & Fitness
  • Making money online
  • Learning new skills

Then there is little doubt in my mind that Twitter is the best platform for it.

How NOT to grow a following on Twitter

In an effort to start growing, I started posting regular tweets.

Although I had a decent following (built up over the previous 10 years) - I was getting hardly any engagement.

Honestly, I was lucky to get more than 5 likes on even my “best” tweets…

And retweets were non-existent.

My stats were pretty embarrassing:

Twitter Stats January

No one was remotely interesting in what I was saying.

It felt as if I was tweeting at a wall - and it was disheartening.

Something was wrong with my strategy - but I was clueless as to what it was.

Enter ‘Make it Stick’

One day, as I was enviously scrolling through Twitter watching account similar to mine grow at a rate of knots, I came across the resource that would change everything for me.

That resource was this book - Make it Stick by Charles Miller

Make it Stick Cover

The tagline of the book is How to write tweets that are impossible to ignore, and it’s very apt.

Reading through the description of the book on Gumroad - I knew right away it was exactly what I was looking for.

I purchased the book and binged through it in one sitting.

Immediately, I knew what I had been doing wrong.

And more importantly… I know exactly how to fix it.

Progress after reading ‘Make it Stick’

I started implementing the strategies from Make it Stick right away. Over the next 4 weeks, my progress was astounding.

This is the analytics from my account over the next month:

Twitter Analytics

In no time at all, I went from having hardly any engagement to being swamped with followers, likes and retweets.

Contents of ‘Make it Stick’

Charles does a great job of explaining the content of his book on the Gumroad page.

But i’ll include a brief list of some highlights here:

  • Details of Topics and Styles that generate interest
  • The difference between Engagement and Followers
  • Process for crafting a Tweet
  • Detailed analysis of 25 viral tweets =

The book weighs in at around 60 pages.

There is literally no fluff. Everything is condensed straight to the point for the maximum impact.

Final Thoughts

Make it Stick cost me $35 when I purchased it.

To me, it is worth many times that - simply from the huge jump in engagement and following I have generated.

There are a lot of similar resources like this available online… but I can categorically say this is the real deal.

I would highly recommend grabbing ‘Make it Stick’ before the price inevitability goes up!