REST Assured

Getting up and Running with Rest-Assured

In this post we introduced REST Assured for the first time and walk you through getting up and running

Extracting a JSON Response with REST Assured

How to extract a JSON response in REST Assured and then use that response later on in your tests

Using Test Data in your REST Assured Framework

A look at one way of using JSON test data in your REST Assured tests

Parameterised Testing in REST Assured with JUnitParams

An example of how to execute parameterised testing in REST Assured using JUnit Params

Specification Re-use in REST Assured

How to use RequestSpecBuilder and ResponseSpecBuild in REST Assured - this post will show you how to make your REST Assured code more efficient

REST Assured ObjectMapper Serialization with JSON and XML

How to serialize a POJO (Plain old Java Object) and send that in your API call in REST Assured

Groovy GPath in REST Assured – Part 1: Overview of Groovy

Kicking off this seris on using Gpath in REST Assured with a brief look at the Groovy language"

Groovy GPath in REST Assured – Part 2: GPath JSON

Numerous detailed JSON examples of using Groovy GPath in REST Assured

Groovy GPath in REST Assured – Part 3: GPath XML

In this final post in our series on Groovy GPath in REST Assured, we look at examples with XML

REST Assured Schema Validation for JSON and XML

How to use schema validation for both JSON and XML in REST Assured