Scala: Functional Programming - Post Series

Functional Programming in Scala - Post Series

This post is the introduction and overview to the Functional Programming in Scala post series. Covers what you can expect to learn in this series of posts

What is a Function in Scala?

In this the first post in our series on Function Programming in Scala, we take a deeper look at Functions and introduce Scala's Function Types

Anonymous Functions in Scala

We already learned about anonymous classes in a previous blog post. In this post, we learn about anonymous functions in Scala

Higher Order Functions in Scala

In this post we will look at higher order functions and curried functions in Scala. These are a critical concept for functional programming

Map, Flatmap and Filter in Scala

Map, FlatMap and Filter are used extensively in functional programming and in Scala. This post will look at all three of them, as well as foreach comprehensions

Sequences in Scala

A Sequence in Scala programming is a very general interface for data structures that has certain properties. We will explore them in this blog post

Tuples and Maps in Scala

In this blog post we will explore the relationship between Tuples and Maps, and how they can assist us with functional programming in Scala

Options in Scala

This post will explore the use of Options in Scala, and how they are used to guard against the dreaded null pointer exception that we so often see in programming