Scala: The Absolute Basics - Post Series

Scala - The Absolute Basics - Post Series

This post is the introduction and overview to the Absolute Basics in Scala post series. Includes initial instructions for setting up your development environment

Values, Variables and Types in Scala

In this the first post on our series of the absolute basics in Scala, we look at values, variables and types - the initial building blocks to get familiar with

Expressions in Scala

Discussion on expressions, one of the fundamental building blocks in Scala. Includes a look at relational operators and loops

Functions in Scala

No doubt you will have heard of functions from other programming languages, but in this post we introduce them in Scala

Recursion in Scala

In this blog post we will explore stack and tail recursion in Scala, including examples of both methods. If you haven't seen recursion before this post should be of help to you!

Call by Name or Value in Scala

This blog post looks at calling Scala functions either by name or by value and the difference between the two methods.

Default and Named Arguments in Scala

A detailed look at specifying default arguments in Scala functions, and naming arguments when calling functions. Includes examples of when you might use these techniques

String Operations in Scala

In this final post of the series, we focus on some of the main operations used to manipulate strings in Scala. Some operations are borrowed from Java, whilst others are exclusive to Scala